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Have a definition for Chai (Hebrew word) ? This is the traditional Jewish toast for health and happiness, and the word Chai, or Hai in Hebrew, meaning life is considered to be a powerful symbol of life in Judaism and Kabbalah. You will learn why the number 18 carries great meaning in the Jewish faith. Although rare, Chai can also be used as a boy's name. How to say Chai in Hebrew in English? Within the Jewish faith, the word "chai" possesses both numerical and symbolic meaning. Perhaps the broadest exposure for a form of the term "Chai" to those outside the Jewish faith is in the long-popular musical and movie "Fiddler on the Roof" and the song, “L’chaim!” that is performed in celebration of the marriage of Tevye's daughter. The Hebrew word חי, unlike the common misconception of many, does not translate to “life”. The Kabbalah is a school of thought in Jewish mysticism. It is used in many different cultures and is derived from a Chinese word. Chai is a Boy name, meaning Life. What is the meaning of Chai in Hebrew? Often used as a symbol, this word is an important one in Jewish culture. Jews often wear a Chai on a necklace in the form of a medallion or amulet, sometimes along with a Hamsa, another symbol of eye embedded in the palm of an open hand, or the most prominent symbol of the Jewish faith, the Star of David. All Rights Reserved. The “ch” in Chai is pronounced like the –ch in the word, “Bach” and not like the “ch” that is pronounced in the word “church.” The number 10 is the letter Yud. The meaning of the name El-Chai, El-Hai. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. [ 2 syll. The "ch" in Chai is pronounced like the … Jewish culture ascribes great meaning to words. The Chai symbol is often worn by Jews as a medallion around the neck (along with the Star of David (Magen David, actual meaning "Shield of David"), and the Hamsa). Like other Jewish symbols, the Chai symbol is a popular image with many applications, including sculptures, paintings, plaques, and tapestries. Paintings, tapestries, and other artwork also sometimes feature the Chai symbol. This custom is also common during all life-cycle events, including rites of passage, and any Jewish occasion from birth announcements and weddings to expressing condolences. In this study I would like to examine the significance of the number eighteen (18). The Hebrew word “chai” means “life,” and it’s become a symbol of a long life and good luck. This has made 18 a "lucky number" among the Jewish people. El-Chai, El-Hai origin. It is spelled with the Hebrew letters Chet (ח) and Yud (י). The Talmud says that the world was created from the letters and words of the Bible. This manner of giving gifts is referred to as "giving Chai. Gifts of money in multiples of 18 are very popular. Hebrew Word of the Week. I would make one minor adjustment, however, and some additional comments. It is used as a prayer of sorts, or declaration for the long-term survival of Israel and the Jewish people, who have been threatened with annihilation many times over the centuries, most notably during the Holocaust. Answer: In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical value. The Literal Meaning of Chai The Hebrew word “chai” means “life.” It’s a deceptively simple two letter word made up of […] The word is spelled with two Hebrew letters – ‘Chet’ and ‘yud’. Definition: alive, living. Hebrew name El-Chai, El-Hai. The reason $18.00, or a multiple of 18 is so often given is because in Judaism, 18 is a very significant number. ע ם י ש ר א ל ח י עו ד א ב ינו ח י Translation: The People of Israel live, our Father yet lives! Ches-Yud spells the word Chai, which means “Living” or “Life”. It is spelt using the Hebrew letter Chet and the Yud. Add Definition. Jewish culture ascribes great meaning to words. So we drink with a “l’chaim”, “to life.” Chai is spelled with the letters chet and yud (running right to left). That word The number 8 is the letter Ches (Chet). In fact, the Talmud states that the world was created from Hebrew letters that form verses of the Torah. Chaya, derived from chai was a popular female name in Hebrew. Also, it must be noted that by its meaning, “chai” encapsulates an important lesson of Judaism. You may often see Chai symbol on various jewelry items and a variety of ornaments. Chai: What the Hebrew Word and Symbol Mean "Chai" is a Hebrew word and symbol that means life. Brown-Driver-Briggs ... (Biblical Hebrew ... ḇəḥayyāw bəḥayyāy ḇəḥayyay ḇəḥayyāy bəḥayyehā bəḥayyêhem bəḥayyeḵā bəḥê Chai chaiYah chaiYai chaiYat chaiyaTam chaiyateCha chaiyaTi chaiyaTo chaiYav chaiYayechi chaiYecha chaiYei chaiYeicha … For this reason, monetary gifts are often given in multiples of chai … The main thing that we can learn from 18, Chai, is the fulfillment of Torah and commandments , as in the verse: What does El-Chai, El-Hai mean? Meaning of El-Chai, El-Hai. For Jews, chaim (the plural form of the word) symbolizes the value of life and the hope that supports it. They read: “Am Yisrael Chai—The people of Israel live.”. The Hebrew word “chai” means “life,” and it’s become a symbol of a long life and good luck. In Hebrew, the related word chaya means "living thing" or "animal", and is derived from the Hebrew word chai (חי), meaning "life". Chai is linked to texts of the Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical movement that began in the 12th century. In Judaism, the word Chai has both numerical and symbolic meaning. in Hebrew origin. (The word “Chai” also means “raw” as You will learn why the number 18 carries great meaning in the Jewish faith. 18 means "Chai", in Hebrew, which in English, means "Life". Chai is a variant transcription of Chayim (Hebrew). To untrained ears, you might not pick up the exact sound the "Ch" in it is. Jews often wear a Chai on a necklace in the form of a medallion or amulet, sometimes along with Subscribe to our channel so you never miss a video! 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