colectivo playa del carmen to cancun

If you go to the downtown if Tulum it is a taxi ride to the ruins and it about 2k from the center. Thank you. Yes that should be no problem. It ill take about 17 minutes. Heading to Puerto Morelos in two weeks 2 adults & 3 Kids, first time.,,,, Part of the plan is to visit the Tulum Ruins early in the morning and come back late in the afternoon. We took them into Tulum and into Playa del Carmen. About 40mins? Looking forward to visiting! I have a two questions. You cannot take the colectivos to the hotel zone. If it is small enough, like the very little ones, it might be possible. The air conditioning seems to work pretty good as well. Thank you dearly for sharing this information. Hi, myself and the wife are going in June. Is it possible to walk from my hotel to the beach ? I saw somewhere that the ruins now close at 5:30. The official taxi price should be 670 pesos each way. There are not special stops, just when you see a white van coming raise your arm. That is why we said it is hard to take the bus to Coba because it does leave you there for a long time during the day. There are taxis available from the highway in Akumal to the place you need to visit. Thanks for your helpful site! I know its probably fairly easy to get to Xpu-Ha but what happens when we want to come back to Playa. Wow so much great info! How we must walk from the ruins to Tulum town to take there a Colectivo and how far it is? Well that is a lot of questions and we will tackle them all here. It’s walkable, right on the beach and super next to many incredible cenotes, amusement parks and Mayan ruins.If you ask me, it’s incomparably better than overpriced Tulum these days.. How do we take a Colectivos from Playa del Carmen to Akumal. We have never heard this nor had any issues with this. I understand I have to transfer in Playa del Carmen but when we arrive in Playa, will the collectivo stop at the station on 2nd street between 15th and 20th ave? Would I be taking two colectivo or just one? Does the Colectivo or Express run that early and where would I catch it at? You should leave Playa by 7:10 just so you can arrive near 8am for the opening. It should take about an hour and a half one way. Akumal is spread out and there are several entrances. Second, where most people get off, at the end or stop are full of people and not some remote place where you can rob people. Then I know we have to switch to take a different one to Akumal. Colectivos leaving to Tulum on 2nd Street. Once we are finished at Tulum and Akumal, do we catch the Collectivo at the same spot on the opposite side of the highway? Hello and thanks for the info. How much per person from Playa Del Carmen to Cenote Cristalino ? I am looking to book a Sian Kaan trip and need to be in Tulum for 8:30am Also what would be the journey time on average at that time of the morning? You will need to do the same thing in reverse coming back from the ruins. You will need to get to 2nd Street in Playa for the starting point of the colectivos. Or we will need to take the colectivos? You can take a taxi to the colectivo or one of the busses but a taxi is your best bet. So either you will wait a while or take the white Cancun colectivos with light blue lines on the vans. 3. To Bahia Principle Coba in Riveria Maya. They only go on the 307 highway and technically they could let you out and the intersection where the road leads to the airport, but there is no transportation from the highway into the airport and it is too long of a walk. Colectivos are basically a cross There is no rate chart for the exact pick up and drop off areas along the highway, so these are estimations. Here is a map of what is close to you. When you come to Playa Del Carmen you will just take it to the end where they stop on 2nd Street between 15th and 20th Avenue. You will find the colectivos … There are just a few direct busses from Cancun Airport to Tulum but chances are you wont line up with them. We have an article and video of the place. The colectivo prices are very simple. Thanks very much. Then back to resort from playa (35 peso pp) It is about one hour in transportation time, so it should cost somewhat more. We are staying at the Hotel Amarte this April which I know is close to the highway. The first one is the Ruins and they will only stop there if you request it. (see map in our Cancun Bus Station Guide). I’m confused why the colectivos are 5 pesos more from Tulum to Playa? There is a caseta (check point) where you pay admission but the cenote is actually very far down the dirt road. You do that by raising your arm whenever what looks like a white van with blue letters comes along. Thanks! Hi there, we will be staying at Paesco Coba in Playacar and would likr to use the Collectivo to Tulum and Xcaret on different days. How far is the walk to Tulum Ruins from the collectivos drop off? Another option is to go into Playa Del Carmen and take it from there or take the ADO bus From Playa to Tulum. If we find out anything different we will change it. Some drivers take dollars but it is not a given that they have to. There are no colectivos that go to the beach in Tulum. You could take two and then meet in Playa. My brother and I are going for the first time to this part of Mexico and will be riding out of of the resort everyday. Hello Irene It runs all day up until just after the show at night. You can also get picked up for this park. So that means that many people get on and off before Tulum. These are highly economical and also convenient. We think it should be resolved soon. That is why when you said you were going from your hotel to Akumal, which is south of Playa Del Carmen, you need to take the colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and switch to the other colectivo to go south toward Tulum and get off in Akumal. When you get to the highway you just need to go to the side for the direction you want to go. These busses are larger then vans. Then from there you can take the cab or a minivan bus. Also idea on price? According to the INAH website (Mexican Cultural Affairs office that oversees the archeological sites)it closes at 5 but last entrance is at 4:30pm. Hi! We are not sure at that resort if they allow people to walk out to the highway or if you need a gold cart ride or taxi to the highway. Thank you for your reply, Here is our article on this. We hope you have a great time and enjoy your friends! I’m assuming I can flag down a collectivo from the resort entrance facing the direction I want to go, but how much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Playa Del Carmen? Our guide to visiting the ruins by yourself might give you some good tips. You can also take it to Xel Ha but you will need to do the same as above. You will see a sign where there is a free shuttle to the park. Sorry for all the questions! Thank you in advance. You would need to take the Colectivo to Cancun and at the Cancun ADO switch to a bus going to Puerto Juarez. I was just wondering, maybe I didnt look close enough, but do you know if the price are still valid now in 2018?! the colectivo to Centoe Cristalina is about 30 pesos. ).Is it ok now ? It is better to get on before CTM Avenue though because they can start to fill up. The Colectivos start as early as you want! Since you are between Playa and Cancun you would take these colectivos. There are two hotels with the same name. From the bus stop you will need to walk or take a car to where you are going. Also, would we be able to get a collective to the Joya Cirque de soleil? By learning how to take them you can save big money on transportation to some of the popular destinations. All passengers will appreciate you exiting the van quickly so they can get to their stops, so be prepared to pay when you exit. Get to the highway in Puerto Morelos and also switch colectivos in Playa Del Carmen. Usually though in one van there are only a few stops between everyone before the colectivo arrives in Tulum. There are colectivo accidents often but when you take into account there are dozens of colectivos every hour on the road and almost 18 hours a day, there are thousands of trips made daily. Do the colectivos run to Chichen Itza from PDC? On our way back to hotel after the show, how available the Taxi will be at Xcaret? If my family stayed at Santos Playacar going to Akumal, catch outside of resort on highway, what stop to get off? 1. Hello, I would like to travel from Cancun to Tulum ruins in a few weeks when I arrive with 3 of my friends. They will be running at 5am but we don’t think you will be getting up that early. I am a single female traveling with my two daughters 8 & 11. There is not designated crossing but when there is a break in traffic you can cross. They start picking up people from along the road and are usually 85% full when they pass by the ruins. If one has space, it will stop. Salidas cada 10 minutos, cuando se llena la furgo, salen. My wife and I are going to rent a car for the day and go to tulum ruins in the morning and then to cenote azul. Thanks for answering too many questions . De Playa del Carmen a Cozumel. Do I need to take one into Playa and then get another to Tulum? You will need to get the colectivo at the bus station in Cancun and go to Playa. This site is a great source of information. We don’t know if they have transport there for that. We also would like to go Akumal by collectivo. No queremos rentar carro, pero si asegurarnos un transporte, para trasladarnos del aeropuerto al Hotel, luego a Playa del Carmen… It ranges from 10-16 USD a day. Ihave seen these vans around Playa del Carmen and the highway and wondered how they work. In Puerto Morelos the stop is on the highway and not at the beach. These vans leave when full, but don’t worry it will only take about 5-10 minutes. Thank you.You are the best! It will take about 30 minutes from your hotel to the bus station. As far as we know this is still the current price. Another thing to remember is that some resorts are a kilometer from the highway. This does sound like misinformed people or hyper paranoid. A couple of questions and comments about your plan. Hello Kirsa. Then you can catch the colectivo from there to Tulum. There are some small bars and places to sit. Approximately what would a taxi cost from Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort to Playa Del Carmen? Luggage and large bags are not really taken on the colectivos. The taxi is convenient and will take you into Akumal from the highway. Across from the entrance of the ADO bus station is where you pick it up to come back to Playa Del Carmen (except very late night busses, they are across the street, across Avenida Tulum). I know the resort is between Playa and Cancun. Let us know if you need anything else. There is a stop for the colectivos near the highway where you will get the colectivo. They do have some that go the back side of Cancun that is more for locals. For visiting Chichén Itzá you can see our everything guide here If you are somewhere in between Tulum and Playa, just stand next to the road and put your arm up when you see a van coming. You only option would be going into Cancun to catch the colectivo or figure another way to get to Puerto Morelos. There is a sidewalk but a taxi is much better. Sometimes the driver will wave his hand side to side to indicate he is full. You have time to watch the show but you will need to go riht after to the free shuttle and then wait by the highway for the colectivo. Looks like the best way is to take collective and then take a cab from there? There is the Mayab bus that leaves from Playa but it is slower and less frequent. I’m guessing I would have to catch it around 5:00 am to get there in time? We are hoping to go into Tulum on morning and go to playa paraiso and do some shoipping along the tulum strip. if you buy your tickets now at least 7 days in advance you can save 10% off. Just remember that the ruins are the first stop in Tulum and the town is about 5minutes drive. Should you visit? Tip: If it is easier for you to get on the Playa Express on the highway, there are several bus stops there. Thanks!!! It sounds like we would need to walk out to the highway and wave or flag the buses to stop for us, correct? Do we have to walk far to get to the highway from the resort and do we let the driver know we want to go to Hotel Zone but be dropped off at Fashion Harbour Cancun? I am staying at the Grand Mayan riviera Maya. They are a good find along the highway. So this is a cheap way of doing it if you want to try it or you might just find a cheap tour that will take you directly from the hotel to the ruins and back. Your best bet is going to be a taxi. Cenote Azul is about 4 minute drive south of where these tacos are. When do we have to start back to the last bus? You will also need your payment ready. That will cost about 150 pesos each way. Exigen colectivos feministas exclusión de hombres en marcha del 25N.- A través de una conferencia virtual realizada por diversos colectivos y redes feministas, se informó que Cancún será … Fourth, ADO does not stop along the highway where most people go on colectivos, so this would not be possible. My wife and I are staying at Dreams Tulum. With 3 of us, not sure how much the Taxi cost will be, does it make sense to take the Taxi to Xcaret park? It just will depend on how much convinence you are willing to pay for. You will need to take the Cancun-Playa Del Carmen colectivos to Playa and then switch to the Playa Del Carmen-Tulum colectivos. Below is a map of most of the destinations on the Rivera Maya where people want to go. It was a little hotter in the back. Colectivos feministas marchan en Playa Del Carmen.- Los colectivos de mujeres que protestan contra la violencia de género, marcharon también en Playa Del Carmen el día de hoy en el marco del … Since there is no official price from the middle of the route our guess the driver will say it is 20-30 pesos each person for the colectivo ride to Tulum. And then we will take another Collectico to Akumal/Tulum at the same spot? All in all these colectivos are very convenient and a cheap way to get around. Private taxis are the most expensive option to get from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen. You just will need to get from the resort to the highway for the colectivo. Any collectivos drop off at Tulum beaches? Note: If you are taking luggage it is best not to take the colectivos. Do I have to go to Playa del Carmen or can I pick up a collectivo around ther. What is the price difference between playa express and regular colectivo between cancun and pdc? Here is our article on getting from Playa Del Carmen to the Cancun Airport and your different options. Xel Ha is a wonderful day out snorkeling and swimming plus you don’t have to worry about seaweed. Once you get to the Puerto Juarez Ferry Terminal you can decide what boat to take. My wife and I were just there in the Rivera Maya. There is a list of prices on a sign as you get on the colectivos, you can always check here and just have the money ready when you go to get off . That is an estimation. I would like to take a collectivo to Tolum from The Barcelo Maya Caribe. Planning a trip from PDC to Tulum on either a Sunday or Monday. You can get vans to Cancun or Playa.

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