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And translator's prefaces can be informative. Yes, this is true. Ecce Homo is still one of the most fascinating yet eccentric examples of this genre ever written. Modern philosophy owes an unimaginable debt to Walter Kaufmann for ressurecting this titan of philosophy. Lauren Ahl does nothing and thinks nothing, she is just waiting around until everyone forces her to get a divorce, can you help. They are The Birth of Tragedy, Beyond Good and Evil, On the Genealogy of Morals and Ecce Homo. Active 4 months ago. Not just about Nietzsche but also Nietzsche's place in philosophy .Then maybe read Tracy Strong for Nietzsche's "politics.". Ask Question Asked 4 months ago. Throughout the past few years in Leipzig, Nietzsche found Arthur Schopenhauer’s doctrine, fulfilled the fantastic operatic composer Richard Wagner, and began his lifelong friendship with fellow classicist Erwin Rohde. Twilight of the idols, the Antichrist, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Additionally, it prepares the way for Your Anti-Christ, the last attack on institutional Christianity. That book contains 3 more translation … Go for the Walter Kaufmann translations. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Philosophy . It was only then that the true nature of Nietzsche's work was brought to light, and was granted its rightful place in the pantheon of modern philosophy. Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography – Rüdiger Safranski. Everyday low … If I were to take glue, and make 1 thing hairy, what would be the most disturbing thing? The Portable Nietzsche. He studied classic philology and his thinking was deeply influenced by the science of theology, as he came from a … Walter Kaufmann gives the best translation. Leipzig: Kröner, 1922, 33 . The majority of the book was written before Thus Spoke Zarathustra, the last part five decades afterward, after Beyond Good and Evil. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered Nietzsche translation. Although Nietzsche’s words always result in a brightly amusing read, they are strongest when contextualized by scholars whose life’s work was committed to knowing him. Prior to him the "official" translation had been Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche's continuation and editing of his work, but today is widely disregarded as she was a sycophant for the Nazis and warped Nietzsche's philosophy to adhere to her racist, ultra nationalist viewpoint. A powerfully original thinker, Nietzsche’s influence on subsequent authors, such as George Bernard Shaw, D.H. Lawrence, Thomas Mann, and Jean-Paul Sartre, has been considerable. Something for the library. Finally, companion books. Both unite completely unfair attacks on people with unbelievably intense surveys of the entire modern cultural scene. Which translations should I track down? Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies. All too Human to Daybreak also reveals how this shift, subsequently, presages Nietzsche’s main topics afterward and better-known works like On the Genealogy of Morality. It comprises a mixture of both secondary and primary literature. Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a foundational work of Western literature and is widely considered to be Friedrich Nietzsche’s masterpiece. In any case, the translation(s) will be different. I fancy exploring Nietzsche, but I have heard the quality of the translations is not always the best. Do you believe that passivity breeds mediocrity? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Walter Kaufmann was the first post-WWII scholar to consider Nietzsche as something other than the forefather of a hateful ideology. A persuasive argument for its necessity for art in existence, Nietzsche’s first publication is fuelled by his enthusiasm for Greek tragedy, for the doctrine of Schopenhauer, and for the music of Wagner, to whom this work has been dedicated. Read the older translations, like the old Oscar Levy edition, they are far more concerned with truth of the matter. He was not otherwise much exercised by questions of translation, though, and when he uses the German word for translation (Ubersetzung), the majority of instances are figurative. There are many translations, but so few good ones. New Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB... Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Silver... New Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch,... Apple iPad 9.7 with WiFi, 128GB- Silver (2017... Apple MacBook Pro with Intel Processor (13-inch,... Top 43 Best Ancient History Books of All Time Review 2020, Top 27 Best Adult Fiction Books of All Time Review 2020, Top 28 Best Zen Books of All Time Review 2020. Genealogy is the most sustained of Nietzsche’s later works and provides one of the fullest expressions of the attribute concerns. 130 South 34th Street Viewed 86 times 0. His dad, Carl Ludwig Nietzsche, was a warrior who died before Nietzsche’s fourth birthday. He chased himself from society before his final meltdown in 1899 when he became mad. Nietzsche questions Fiscal certainties by demonstrating that science and faith don’t claim absolute reality before turning his disagreements to predict their presuppositions into query. It includes the German philosopher’s famous discussion of the phrase ‘God is dead’ as well as his concept of the Superman. Douglas Robinson offers the most comprehensive collection of translation theory readings available to date, from the Histories of Herodotus in the mid-fifth century before our era to the end of the nineteenth century. During this extraordinary job, Nietzsche traces his life, development, and work as a philosopher, examines the heroes he’s identified, fought against, and overcome – Schopenhauer, Wagner, Socrates, Christ – and also forecasts the explosive effect of his impending sin of values. Graham Parkes' translation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra is also one to look for. Both functions reveal Nietsche is lashing out in self-deception, amazed at how frequently morality relies on vengefulness and bitterness. Twilight of the Idols,’ a grand declaration of war’ on most of the time’s general ideas, provides a lightning trip of his entire doctrine. In 1865 he moved into the University of Leipzig. In 1864 Friedrich Nietzsche went to the University of Bonn to study theology and classical philology. Or perhaps the book that Dwayne was reading on Nietzsche in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine". I would read translations released under oxford worlds classics (1); or cambridge texts in the history of philosophy (2). It is for this reason that the book "Will to Power" is not considered a part of the Nietzsche panoply, as it was published postumously by Elisabeth from Nietzsche's notes, and was clearly an unobjective work of literature. The translation regarded as the most authoritative and pure was the translation by Walter Kaufmann. He’s the first bible to have interpreted Nietzsche’s major works, and never before has one translator given us a lot of Nietzsche. 8 (Beyond Good and Evil / On the Genealogy of Morality), Top 45 Best Mystery Thrillers Books of All Time Review 2020. Human translations with examples: nietzsche, of its variety. He considered the mix of those states produced the greatest audio and awful play, which shows the facts about suffering in existence and provides consolation for this. This edition contains a commentary on the text by the translator and Michael Tanner’s debut, clarifying a few of the more abstract passages in Beyond Good and Evil. (TSZ is arguably his best book.) The edition is done using a chronology, notes, and a guide to further reading. Translate Nietzsche. Nietzsche summarized a differentiation between both fundamental forces: the Apolline, symbolizing order and beauty, and the Dionysiac, an ecstatic reaction to the sublime. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Both show a profound comprehension of individual mean-spiritedness, which cannot destroy Nietzsche’s inherent optimism, the ultimate affirmer of one of the fantastic philosophers. This book gives you 4 full translations on Nietzsche books. The result is a startling panoply of thinking about translation across the centuries, covering such topics as the best type of translator, problems of translating sacred texts, translation and language teaching, translation as rhetoric, translation and empire, and translation and gender. Nietzsche reflects on translation at two key points in his published works, GS 83 and BGE 28, and these passages have been frequently anthologized in translation studies readers.

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