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It was disturbing. Punishments for disturbance of the peace can amount to a jail sentence, a fine, or both. That kind of living death wherein someone is given a specific sentence must be the most disturbing. There are many disturbing horror movies made each year, some of which make to big screen while others go straight to DVD. The noise from road traffic disturbed my sleep. All Rights Reserved. Jimmy Chan. 3. As a misdemeanor, disturbing the peace carries a sentence of: up to 6 months in jail, and/or; up to $1,000 in fines 2; In practice, however, the judge typically orders just a fine and rarely imposes incarceration. There was something about him she found disturbing. The origin of Roman political and social satire is to be traced to the same disturbing and disorganizing forces which led to the revolutionary projects and legislation of the Gracchi. While there was no clear reason to believe Brunel was involved in any wrongdoing, his con­tinued absence was disturbing. Conduct That Constitutes Disturbing the Peace. Insular England was not affected by the disturbing influences of the Napoleonic period in any such degree as was continental Europe. Perhaps the best criticism of Edwards's philosophy as a whole is that, instead of being elaborated on purely rational principles, it is mixed up with a system of theological conceptions with which it is never thoroughly combined, and that it is exposed to all the disturbing effects of theological controversy. She eagerly latched on to his comment, hoping to divert her own mind to something less disturbing. Miller said he has witnessed disturbing trends he believes are moving yoga in the wrong direction "away from the authentic experience of the original goal of yoga -- that of stilling the mind -- and toward something different.". Disturbing sentence examples. If you are parent, you may also consider low rise jean accessories to be disturbing as well. ... "II days, for disturbing the peace," and without comment upon the justice or injustice of the sentence. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Disturbing" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; The meaning of "Disturbing" in various phrases and sentences. Examples of disturbing in a sentence: 1. And the most disturbing: " stomach pain and stomach ulcer with or without bleeding. These developments are unacceptable, and beyond that, extremely disturbing, See more. Yet, despite its opulent luxury, the hotel has a disturbing history it omits to mention in its glossy brochures. But the fact that joining the jihad has become something trendy is very disturbing. Complex sentence = one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Accidents are rarely caused by them, because they are extremely shy and swim away on the least alarm; but, when surprised in the submarine cavities forming their natural retreats, they will, like any other poisonous terrestrial snake, dart at the disturbing object; and, when out of the water, they attempt to bite every object near them, even turning round to wound their own bodies. How do you actually control your rubati without disturbingthe flow, so that it knits into the textures, rhythmic line and overall character? It shows the disturbing forces of these characteristics, which aroused the envy and apprehension of the leaders of religion. To Eliminate The Disturbing Influence Of Wind, Different Wind Strengths Are Treated Separately. Answers found on Ask Reddit 1. antiphonal effects came off and intonation was never so bad as to be disturbing. I didn't want to disturb him. This represents a forced oscillation whose period 27r/o1, coincides with that of the disturbing force; and the phase agrees with that of the force, or is opposed to it, according as c1i2u; i.e. 2. So unstable is it that any disturbing influence will affect it. In 1656 George Fox the Quaker was imprisoned in the north-east tower for disturbing the peace at St Ives by distributing tracts. In the particular case where the motion is of the kind known as simple harmonic the disturbing force on the frame due to the reciprocation of the weight is equal to the component of the centrifugal force in the line of stroke due to a weight equal to the reciprocated weight supposed concentrated at the crank pin. Examples of Disturb in a sentence The sight of all the violence that was taking place during the riots served to disturb my mother, who was always a bit on the naïve side. Finally, in response to these disturbing images, people are beginning to take bullying seriously. The telephone bell disturbed his reflection. The term nightmare describes a type of dream that is very realistic, vivid and disturbing in some way. These cookies do not store any personal information. tramplee take care to avoid trampling the hay crop, or disturbing grazing livestock. All of the families featured in the show have experience with these pageants, and it can sometimes be disturbing to see just how much time and energy they spend on preparing for them. Yet, while these are essential merits of the book, its endearing charm lies deeper, in the sweet and kindly personality of the author, who on his rambles gathers no spoil, but watches the birds and field-mice without disturbing them from their nests, and quietly plants an acorn where he thinks an oak is wanted, or sows beech-nuts in what is now a stately row. The idea of making love in a strange bedroom was disturbing enough, but with only a door between them and the children, locked or not, it didn't feel right. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. American English: disturbing; transparent in order to avoid disturbing the user in the process of course building. The countered shape and firmness of the pillow helps a person to stay sleeping without disturbing the CPAP machine or other respiratory devices. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. People are always disturbing him, answered Pierre, trying to remember who this young man was. 25 examples: That is a disturbing fact. Much to everyone's chagrin, the final image of the series was a disturbing and violent cliffhanger which would never be resolved. The child's abnormal behavior was disturbing to those around him. Our data are nowhere so full as for India; where they are comparatively abundant they refer either to a civilized or semicivilized people, or to an area, like West Africa, where the influence of Islam has introduced a disturbing element. There was no point in disturbing Alex at work. It was this: from the observed perturbations of a known planet to deduce by calculation, assuming only Newton's law of gravitation, the mass and orbit of an unknown disturbing body. Choose tweezers that feel comfortable and can easily grip one hair without disturbing nearby hairs. Resuming the inquiry into the invariability of mean motions, Poisson carried the approximation, with Lagrange's formulae, as far as the squares of the disturbing forces, hitherto neglected, with the same result as to the stability of the system. The movie itself stirred much controversy simply because of its subject matter, but no scene was more disturbing to many viewers than the final love scene. 158+8 sentence examples: 1. In my opinion the lack of professional boundaries, the inappropriate behaviors at work and the double life (she has two cell phones and is married) she lives are all disturbing and alarming. Coulomb, 2 however, by using long and thin steel rods, symmetrically magnetized, and so arranged that disturbing influences became negligibly small, was enabled to deduce from his experiments with reasonable certainty the law that the force of attraction or repulsion between two poles varies inversely as the square of the distance between them. Disturbing the peace is a misdemeanor criminal offense. This, however, often produces a worse disturbing effect, because a thin film of grease spreads over the water and increases its surface-viscosity. Late in the same century towns began to form, without, however, disturbing the federation, which existed as late as the 2nd century B.C., governed by a representative council (fovX&), and a common assembly at which any citizen might be present. It happens frequently and it's very disturbing. 15 Ex-Prisoners Reveal The Most Disturbing Thing They Saw During Their Sentence By Maria Monrovia Updated September 28, 2019. No doubt there is much that is purely artificial and untrustworthy in the late (post-exilic) representations of these divisions, but it is almost incredible that the historical foundation for their early career is severed from the written sources by centuries of warfare, immigration and other disturbing factors. 2. The suspended needle is, in the absence of disturbing causes, directed solely by the horizontal component of the earth's field of magnetic force H E, and therefore sets itself approximately north and south. In the West these buildings were raised over the tomb, which was left intact; but in the East there was no hesitation in disturbing the graves of the saints and removing the bodies to a basilica built to receive them. "I apologize for disturbing you," A'Ran said. His perverse thoughts were so disturbing so he decided to try seeing a therapist. l ' so that over the surface of an ellipsoid where X and ¢ are constant, the normal velocity is the same as that of the ellipsoid itself, moving as a solid with velocity parallel to Ox U = -q, - 2 (a2+X) dtP, and so the boundary condition is satisfied; moreover, any ellipsoidal surface X may be supposed moving as if rigid with the velocity in (I I), without disturbing the liquid motion for the moment. The specter shook its head and rose, moving away without disturbing the flora on the jungle floor. His observance was not only dead-on, it was disturbing. More than once, indeed, Sigismund was seriously compromised by the diplomatic vagaries of Hieronymus Laski, who entered the service of Zapolya (since 1529 the protege of the sultan), and greatly alarmed both the emperor and the pope by his disturbing philo-Turk proclivities. Get our highly rated iPhone/iPad or Android RhymeZone apps! Disturbing definition, upsetting or disquieting; dismaying: a disturbing increase in the crime rate. They were less disturbing to his equanimity than the remarkable twitching of his fingers. Clebsch, by taking a velocity function 4,=xyx (I) for a rotation R about Oz; and a similar procedure shows that an ellipsoidal surface A may be in rotation about Oz without disturbing the motion if I I dx + _ a2'-A) x 2 a R t i/(b2+A)- i/(a2+A) and that the continuity of the liquid is secured if (a 2 _ I -A) 3/2 (b 2 4 A)3f2(C2 -+- A) 2 ?? Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Eliminating the stimulation of television or video games at bedtime, particularly violent television shows, movies, and games may reduce the nightmares brought about by these unnecessary and sometimes disturbing stimulations. In matters of the heart, if any consoling or any disturbing passion played a great part in his life, we do not know it; we know only (apart from a few passing shadows cast by calumny and envy) of affectionate and dignified relations with friends, patrons and pupils, of public and private regard mixed in the days of his youth with dazzled admiration, and in those of his age with something of reverential awe. 101. 123. Hearing about Facebook security flaws on the news can be disturbing. Insensitive nursing marred a patient's last hours of life As a second-year nursing student on clinical placement, I witnessed a disturbing incident. - That is a very disturbing fact. Answers found on Ask Reddit 1. Disturbing in a sentence 1. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. There was a matter of course about his grandmother's attitude which was disturbing. At 7 am, someone turned on the washing machine next to my room. The movie had scenes of horror which were quite disturbing. It's difficult to see disturbing in a sentence. Rudigier, bishop of Linz, was summoned to a criminal court for disturbing the public peace; he refused to appear, for by the concordat bishops were not subject to temporal jurisdiction; and when he was condemned to imprisonment the emperor at once telegraphed his full pardon. While many people dislike horror movies because of the disturbing or gory themes, just as many like them for those same reasons. In the Red Sea, where a similar seasonal change occurs, the depth to which the surface layer warms up is about 275 fathoms. This is the same as if the point of suspension were fixed, and a horizontal disturbing force mgf/l were to act on the bob. These are preferably made slightly wedge-shape, to avoid the inconvenience resulting from multiple internal reflections, and they must necessarily be rather thin, so that double refractions due to internal strain may not exert a disturbing influence. She apologized for disturbing them, and set the tray on the wicker table, explaining they were fresh and had just been delivered by a neighbor. He closed his eyes, happy that the disturbing dream had turned into something lovely. Disturbing definition is - causing feelings of worry, concern, or anxiety. A point in starting is to get healthy plants in pots, planting in spring and not disturbing the roots much. The definition of Disturbing is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. The dry examination of a substance comprises several operations, which may yield definite results if no disturbing element isresent; but it is imperative that any in ference should be confirmed by other methods. Jimmy Chan. The ear is surrounded by the ear cups which form an almost airtight seal and cuts out disturbing outside noise. Textiles are also inherently prone to decay and under unfavorable environmental conditions will deteriorate with disturbing rapidity. The framework and case of the instrument must be completely non-metallic, else eddy currents induced in the supports will cause disturbing forces to act upon the movable coil. The animal was discovered after Butler set out poison to get rid of a strange animal that had been disturbing his barn at night. Plodder I’ve just heard a disturbing rumor. Arbus' photos of transvestites, dwarves, giants, prostitutes and mental patients, in poses and settings that convey a disturbing humanity are still influential today. Effects of Emigration.-There are two views with regard to emigration: one unfavourable, viz., that it is a drain on population, reducing its economic strength and disturbing social and political relations; the second looking upon it as a relief from over-population and a congested labour market. In addition to these benefits, Langstroth's frame and hive possessed the enormous advantage over Dzierzon's of being manipulated from above, so that any single frame could be raised for inspection without disturbing the others. Roland - He finds out disturbing news that Joan has ben injured. This may be disturbing for retirees who grew up in a different era, i.e. 26. Definition of disturbing : causing feelings of worry, concern, or anxiety disturbing news a disturbing discovery The next phase in which I had a part was even more disturbing, and infinitely more painful. yell back, ' the performers are disturbing us ' . There's something completely hilarious but also slightly disturbing about seeing dozens upon dozens of crab legs shaking about in the air.The scale at which the game progresses is an amazing thing to behold. We might thus examine a structure formed of an aggregation of very thin vortex rings, which would move across the fluid without sensibly disturbing it; on the other hand, if formed of stronger vortices, it may transport the portion of the fluid that is within, or adjacent to, its own structure along with it as if it were a solid mass, and therefore also push aside the surrounding fluid as it passes. Though successful, the premise was disturbing. The teenage host should be instructed to keep the music at a level low enough to avoid disturbing neighbors. I 'm tempted to yell back, ' the performers are disturbing us '. Her character, a virginal child bride brimming with sexuality, had a disturbing, enticing appeal. It includes gruesome murder sequences, disturbing visual effects and profanity. Jimmy Chan. The fact he didn't dismiss me abruptly was more disturbing than if he had. During this journey he, as it were, considered his life afresh and arrived at his old conclusion, restful in its hopelessness: that it was not for him to begin anything anew--but that he must live out his life, content to do no harm, and not disturbing himself or desiring anything. Seeing the way a young child found amusement in the suffering of a small animal was both disturbing and concerning. Compound sentence = two or more independent clauses. The cultivation of osiers is attended with many disturbing causes - winter floods, spring frosts, ground vermin and insect pests of various kinds, sometimes working great havoc to the crop. Whilst Berger and Jacoby articulate deep disquiet with disturbing eloquence they match their unease with an equally articulate hope. How to use disturbing in a sentence. Depending on the jurisdiction, violators could face some jail time, fines, or alternative sentences such as community service. A new and disturbing element now entered into Jewish politics in the person of the Idumaean Antipater; who for selfish ends deliberately made mischief between the brothers.

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