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TASK NUMBER 5f. It supports the Reliability KSA, which in turn supports the Availability KPP. agreement. Annex G defines basic operational suitability terminology and definitions. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. The Materiel Availability KPP must apply to the entire fielded inventory of systems, the entire life cycle of the system and incorporate all categories of downtime such as depot-level and scheduled maintenance. The best way to view the relationship between Am and Ao is to see Am as a function of Ao, together with many other variables. The classification of availability is somewhat flexible and is largely based on the types of downtimes used in the computation and on the relationship with time (i.e., the span of time to which the availability refers). 10 The OSD definition of Materiel Availability includes two different formulas for expressing Am. f. being used? Address opportunities in the different phases of a system lifecycle to increase reliability. Have surge/deployment acceleration requirements been identified? Inhe… Determining the optimum value for Operational Availability requires a comprehensive analysis of the system and its planned use as identified The key elements that must be incorporated in any assessment of Am are: any measure of Am must include the total population of systems (end items) to be fielded; any measure of Am must consider the total life cycle timeframe of the system (end item); and any measure of Am must include all major categories of downtime, both planned and unplanned. Definitions of the Availability KPP and supporting Reliability, Maintainability and Ownership Cost KSAs are provided in that instruction. Is planned downtime (all causes) identified and included? CLL 001 Life Cycle Management & Sustainment Metrics Exam 1.) An adequate Ao is one of the essential building blocks to achieving a high level of availability of total fielded inventory throughout the life cycle of a fielded system. The Acquisition Program Baseline 1. Aircraft Availability is a key indicator to monitor aircraft performance, as a complement to Operational Reliability, and can be employed to optimize the profitability of an airline. Simulation modeling also allows the program to test various alternative support strategies and, once developed, can continue to be updated and used throughout the system life cycle to provide estimates of Am as fielding plans, operational environments and deployment requirements change. The best way to assess both Am and Ao is through comprehensive modeling and simulation. This guide supports that … Operational Availability indicates the percentage of time that a system or group of systems within a unit are operationally capable of performing an assigned mission and can be expressed as (uptime/(uptime + downtime)). Provide policy regarding Operational Availability (A o) as a primary measure for readiness of naval systems, subsystems, and equipment. sibilities for the reliability, availability, and maintainability of its materiel. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. operational environment. This can be expressed mathematically as (the number of operational end items divided by the total population). PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) U.S. Army … As with most other high-level sustainment metrics, Mean Downtime is generally broken down into lower order metrics. GRANT NUMBER 5c. In this case, it is most often expressed as Mean Preventive Maintenance Time (Mpt or Mpt) plus Mean Corrective Maintenance Time (Mct or Mct ) plus Mean Logistics Delay Time (MLDT). Operational Availability is a Key Performance Parameter (KPP) that the weapon system is suitable for production and sustainable through its life cycle. Achieve greater availability for a system through effective R&M processes. For example, there It includes logistics time, ready time, and waiting or administrative downtime, and both preventive and corrective maintenance downtime. Materiel Availability has been defined in OSD and JCS documentation in a way that makes it clear how it differs from Ao; i.e., it must apply to the entire fielded inventory of systems, over the entire life-cycle of the system and incorporate all categories of downtime. The JROC identified certain KPPs and KKSAs as mandatory True or False 3.) For more complex systems with higher densities simulation modeling may provide a better analytical method of estimating Am. Additionally, they should be: Please note that you should expect to receive a response from our team, regarding your inquiry, within 2 business days. operational availability of the outputted results. Methodology for Estimation of Operational Availability as Applied to Military Systems 5a.

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