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We cook and eat Palak ka Raita recipe, share raita recipes between each other and enjoy many things together. Dry roast cumin and cool it. Can I make cucumber raita vegan? This Indian Raita Recipes in Marathi Offline condiment from the Indian subcontinent has a cooling effect compared to some Asian cuisines that are spicier in taste. Cucumber Raita or Kheere ka Raita is an Indian side dish made up of creamy yogurt mixed with grated cucumber. We watch movies also. Wash mint and coriander leaves in lot of water and drain them. Well whisked fresh yogurt is required to make pudina raita. Kela Raita (Banana raita): Toast 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds in a dry skillet over medium flame until the seeds start to pop. Other Bottle Gourd/Lauki Recipes that you may like from my blog Lauki Chana Dal,Bottle Gourd Paratha ,Lauki S a bj i ,Lauki Soup. This is a popular raita in Indian homes, especially during the hot weather. Paryushan Recipes. Mint raita or pudina raita is very refreshing and flavorful raita which is perfect those scorching Summer days. Mint Raita is helpful in the digestion of biryani and mint or pudina will neutralize the effects of spicy and oily food. Palak ka Raita. Pudina Raita / Mint Raita / पुदीना रायता Mint / Pudina raita is flavourful, refreshing and cooling raita recipe made from yogurt, mint leaves and usual spices. Add cumin to a blender jar and powder. My cousin and me make pair since our childhood. Instructions. For spicy rice based dishes like biryani, pulao the mint raita pairs very well. You can also add sugar for slight sweetness. All paryushan recipes can be seen in my Paryushan Recipes playlist in my channel! Urdu Point also tells pudina raita recipe in Hindi. Raita is the yogurt based side dish that is served with pulao, rice or biryanis. Chill pudina raita before serving. Remove and cool. Another recipe to make your life easy. I prefer to use black salt for my raita recipes instead of regular table salt. Pudina Raita recipe is being provided by Urdu Point. #HappyCookingToYou This simple raita is a perfect accompaniment for Parathas, Pulao, or biryani.. What is Raita? Pudina has a refreshing flavor and a cool taste thus it is added to various recipes to enhance its flavor. Serves 4-6 Ingredients for 2 servings. For giving ease to users, Urdu Point gives pudina ka tarika. Sadly during summers, the stomach takes a great toll due to the humidity, irregular meals and dehydration. It is infused and flavoured with spices and compliments all your favorite meals especially spicy dishes. We studied together and played together and now we perform our hobbies together as well. Dhania Pudina Raita is made with yoghurt and used as a sauce or dip. Also see Mint Raita, Like the Indian Restaurants and Take-Aways. This is popularly served with kebabs, grilled tandoori dishes. Raitas are and will be a regular feature at home in our 2 main meals the entire 3 or 4 months of summer in Mumbai. So, I bring to you a delicious and easy to put together cooling Raita called Potato Mint Raita or Aloo Pudine ka Raita. The original idea of adding pomegranate in raita … Adding milk to the yogurt helps it from turning sour.If you are using fresh yogurt then skip it. So let’s find out the Mint raita recipe or Pudina raita recipe. Raitas are famous in every part of India. Kairi ka Raita / Raw Mango Raita / Kancha Amba Pachadi First Timer Cook mango, oil, mustard seeds, curd, green chili, black salt, curry leaves and 1 more Layered Fruit and Nut Raita | Fruit and Nut Raita Spoons Of Flavor Urdu Point also gives the pudina raita … Fresh thick curd – 1 tea cup; Pudina leaves – 1/4 tea cup In order to boost mint flavor, I have used lots of mint leaves and pureed them with a little yogurt. The refreshing flavor of textured herbs, the juiciness of pomegranate pearls, the punchy garlic, the sugar, and spices, all together make raita bursting with flavors. It is a completely no onion & no garlic raita. This recipe is a variety of the different kinds of raita that can be prepared. with this instant podina raita masala. Ingredients for preparing Dhaniya Pudina Raita. Of course you can. Add 1 … 1. Urdu Point gives recipe of mint raita for biryani. Recipe of delicious pudina raita is very easy and simple. Stir into yogurt along with 1 ripe, cubed banana and some chopped cilantro. The recipe of raita cucumber is also given for the sake of viewers. TIPS & VARIATIONS TO MAKE LAUKI KA RAITA. Also with masala naan or stuffed paratha it is perfect as a dipping sauce. Raita is one the easiest side dishes that you can make within 10-15 minutes. Fresh mint leaves nourish and lend a unique taste and flavor as well as health benefits. This anar pudina raita is a family favorite recipe that is passed on from one generation to another. Pudina raita in 5 seconds. Perfect raita recipe for summer season.Mint and curd both are very good for stomach and gives relief to stomach.This mint / pudina raita fights against the hot weather summers. Mint is known for it’s cooling properties. Paryushan parv is spiritual and religious period of 8 days for Jains. Mint Raita or Pudina Raita is a popular Indian style mint flavoured yogurt dip made from fresh mint (pudina)leaves and dahi/curd (plain yogurt). Good with South Indian dishes. Add the finely chopped green chilli, roasted cumin powder, black salt and chaat … The yoghurt may be seasoned with coriander (cilantro),cumin,mint and other herbs and spices. Pudina ka raita is a perfect accompaniment with all the fasting and non-fasting dishes. How to make Mint and Pomegranate Raita step by step Take curd in a bowl and whisk it till it turns smooth. It can be also served on side along with your meal which has spicy curry, paratha. Raita is one of the most famous yogurt based Indian side dishes. Raita is a side dish made with a mixture of cooked or raw vegetables, at times with fruit, herbs and spices. Take a mixing bowl, add yougurt/curd, add salt, beat it well with the help of a beater without any … Mint Raita (Yoghurt) - 1 Pudina ka Raita - 1 Abha Gupta. In Pudina Raita / Mint Curd Dip both pudina and dahi give an amazingly refreshing taste in the raita. Lauki Raita Recipe is ready ,Serve chilled.

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