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It’s also expensive at $300. If you want a toaster that can accomplish a lot more than merely heating up toast, the Revolution toaster is for you. Sold by Revolution Cooking, LLC and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. The innovative two-slice toaster features a sleek stainless steel design with a large backlit touchscreen display. How pleasant is that? The R180’s screen also has a toast preview feature that lets users make sure their bread is cooked to exactly their specifications whenever it goes in the oven. The Revolution Cooking R180 is a touch screen-controlled smart toaster that does a very good job of toasting just about anything—for a price that … Sometimes a 2 slice toaster isn’t enough for a large family, so why not double the fun with a 4 slice toaster to make sure everyone gets their perfectly toasted bread in no time. Would it have been cooler and made more sense to make the smart toaster into a smart home speaker similar to a Google Assistant smart speaker when it's not being used as a toaster? You can choose to cook either fresh or frozen foods, and there is also the option to more subtly reheat foods without further toasting or browning them. Revolution Cooking's R180 Smart Toaster delivers smarter, faster toasting — for a price. The oven is powered by Revolution’s proprietary InstaGlo Technology, a heating system that uses a diamond-shaped design and exclusive alloy to let the oven heat up and cool down much quicker than other toasters. The oven’s touchscreen even has a reminder for you to clean your crumb tray. The smart toaster can adjust its settings according to … Browse our range below. 63 precise toastyness levels in 3 easy taps on the smart touchscreen – for perfect-tasting breads, bagels, … No more toasters popping your toast onto the floor when it's done. One review of the toaster stated “if you’re serious about toast or use a toaster oven, the Revolution R180 is a top-of-the-line model that offers impressive precision and customization” while another review remarked that the Revolution model is “a luxury toaster” and “clearly unlike any toaster you’ve seen before.” R180’s touchscreen is far more than a gimmick — it is a smart way to make your toast that much tastier. H ere's our pick of the best toasters on the market, starting with our favourite.. 1. Check out the Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster in action via the video below. Probably, but perhaps that's coming in in the future. This innovative appliance by Revolution Cooking™ features smart technology that toasts bread in a fraction of the time, locking in flavor and producing your preferred browning and level of crispness. While your food is toasting, a timer displays on the screen so you'll know exactly when it'll pop back up. The Revolution has you covered. There are five different food settings, three separate toasting modes, and seven browning levels, so you can get what is quite possibly the most bespoke toast of all time, every time. Heats up and toasts in a fraction of the time of conventional toasters. The Revolution Cooking R180 is a $300 touchscreen toaster available exclusively at Williams Sonoma. This technology also uses less energy than more traditional toasters, and deploys smart algorithms to calculate your perfect toast time based on the type of food you are heating up. The groundbreaking toaster toasts the bread in the fraction of the time of conventional toasters! An auto glide function lowers and lifts your toast so it doesn’t get stuck, and when cooking is finished, a finishing chime will let you know that it’s time to eat. Revolution Toaster Touch Screen January 15, 2020. While the smart toaster is sitting idle and not being used, it just makes sense to turn the touchscreen into a clock where you can check the time. The Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster and it's sold exclusively by Williams-Sonoma. If you're trying to really class up your kitchen, the first people look to is the toaster! The smart toaster with touchscreen features a unique diamond shaped heating system with smart timing and temperature controls that heats up and toasts your food faster than other standard toasters. $400) Williams Sonoma As the first-ever “smart” toaster featuring a touch screen, the … This innovative, hand-built smart toaster features a built-in touchscreen to choose preferences and settings with ease, a high speed diamond-shaped heating system that is monitored … Instead of just popping up your toast or bagels when they're done cooking, a speaker will announce when your food is done toasting, plus there's even an alert that will go off when your bread crumb tray on the bottom is full and needing to be emptied. We think the R180 is a big step forward in toaster technology, and the internet seems to agree. The Cowboy Ebike Lets You Cruise the City With Speed, Style, and Safety, Shark Repellent Keeps You Safe, No Matter Where You Are Swimming, The Mirror Home Gym Is a Stylish Way to Stay in Shape at Home. It also offers true consistent browning, all while using less energy than most other toasters. Well, maybe it's not first on the list, but if you have a rusty old toaster from the 90's sitting on your counter, it certainly won't help the aesthetics of your kitchen design. Toasted bread has long been a staple part of our diet with virtually every kitchen in Great Britain having a Toaster and a Kettle proudly on display. The R180 has five food settings: bread, bagels, English muffins, waffles & toaster pastries (or as Yachty calls them, accurately, Pop-Tarts), and there are seven browning levels for those who want a slight toast to those who want … Revolution Cooking bills this toaster as "the biggest advancement in heating technology in over 100 years." In the settings you can choose between a digital or analog clock. Beyond mere customization, the R180 also offers an elevated way to cook your bread: it sears the outside of the bread without drying its inside, creating perfect toast in the process. And no more uneven cooking. It’s also a $300 two-slice toaster, which makes it hard to recommend no matter how good it is. Why spend all of your energy pushing your toast down and popping it back up manually? Well, it's the 21st century, not the 1800s, and this cool new Revolution Cooking High Speed Smart Toaster has seemingly come from the future to toast your bread in only a fraction of the time... and look good doing it. You can also set the date and have it displayed under the time. Even raisin bread and other baked goods containing fruit are fair game for this versatile toaster. Now that's truly modern 21st century living! Toasters. Everything else is slowly becoming smart in your home, so why not the toaster? This smart toaster with a touchscreen has a unique modern design, that'll surely make it look like you're living in some wonderful future where burnt or stuck toast is no longer a prominent problem in today's culture. Stylish toasters Whichever your colour preference, we have a wide array of quality brands and models to suit all budgets. The R180 delivers amazing taste and toast just the way you like it, insanely fast. Everyone loves toast, don’t they? Keep reading. Revolution Smart Toaster With Touch Screen. Finally A Touchscreen Toaster Exists In The Revolution Cooking R180 . When you first put your food into the toaster for toasting, there are a few initial settings that you can change, including selecting what food you're toasting (bread, bagels, English muffins, toaster pastries, or waffles), then select whether your food was frozen, fresh, or you're just reheating. If you're trying to really class up your kitchen, the first people look to is the toaster! The $299.99 Revolution Cooking R180 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster does a little bit of both. Revolution truly thought of everything. No more burnt bagels. The consensus seems to be that this is a toaster for those of you who really love toast, so if you are ready to step up your breakfast game, the Revolution toaster will be a revelation. I was surprised to discover just how much a touchscreen made sense once I started toasting. #amazonmusthaves #amazon #tiktokamazon #tiktokmademebuyit (video by heartdefensor on tiktok) Saved by Brooke. September 2020. Our stylish range of toasters comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit any kitchen. Browns evenly and locks in the flavor of breads, waffles and more. The Revolution toaster can toast bread and bagels, sure, but also English Muffins and even waffles. Exclusive diamond-shaped heating system. brotect Anti-Glare Glass Screen Protector compatible with Revolution Cooking Smart Toaster (3 Pack) - 9H Glass Protector Matte £15.19 Bugatti Volo Toaster, 930 Watt, Chrome Revolution’s website invites you to ask “What’s so revolutionary” and then to watch a video, but let me save you some time: The R180 is a toaster. Intuitive touchscreen customizes toast settings and preferences. We have 4 slot toasters to accommodate the whole family, and for that emergency loaf of bread from the freezer, you’ll find many of our toasters now benefit from a defrost option. Enter your email to get the newest items sent to your inbox once a week. The revolution toaster is a two-slice, touch screen equipped smart toaster that boasts a handful of unique heating features. Amazing Life Hacks Useful Life Hacks Cool Gadgets To Buy Awesome Gadgets Car Gadgets Best Amazon Buys Everyday Hacks Cool Inventions Cool Things To Buy. $400) Credit: Williams Sonoma As the first-ever “smart” toaster featuring a touch screen, the appliance lets you choose the exact type of bread you’re toasting — whether it’s sliced bread, bagels, waffles, English muffins or toaster pastries — in order to get the perfect crispness without over-toasting or burning. The Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster and it's sold exclusively by Williams-Sonoma. For now, we can all just take solace in the fact that smart toasters are here, and it's safe to say the future has finally arrived. It is controlled by a touchscreen that has a clock included and an incredible 63 different toasting settings, all of which allow you to perfectly cook a wide variety of baked goods just how you like it. New to market in late 2019. The new Revolution Cooking R180 High-Speed Smart Toaster ($299.95) strikes the right balance, delivering genuinely useful tech-enabled goodies, without any of … Burnt toast, soggy toast, dry toast — all of that will be a thing of the past with the Revolution toaster, even if you are cooking fully frozen bread. There is a reason why the company behind the R180 toaster is called Revolution – they have taken serious steps to reimagine what a toaster can do, and they have been quite successful doing just that. I have to admit, the Revolution R180 is an eye-catching toaster. It toasts just about anything quickly and evenly, and has a touch screen for dialing in your ideal toasting level. Exclusive diamond-shaped heating system. No more guessing and wondering if you'll ever see your bread again after lowing your slices in your old dirty toaster. The smart toaster has an automatic smooth lowering and raising mechanism. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Hit the start button and your food will automatically lower down into the toaster and toast to perfection every time (assuming you made the right choices in the settings you chose). This item: Revolution Cooking R180 High-Speed 2-Slice Stainless Steel Smart Toaster - The Only Toaster with… $239.95 In Stock. Shop: Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster, $299.95 (Orig. The target market for this toaster is tighter than trying to … Not to mention it features an intuitive touchscreen, allowing you to pick, choose and customize your toast preferences. Now there's a Revolutionary InstaGLO™ heating system reaches full glow in 2 seconds, delivering the perfect crunchy-outside and soft-and-delicious-inside flavor. The $299.99 Revolution Cooking R180 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster does a little bit of both. Shop: Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster, $299.95 (Orig. Every toaster on the market – regardless of price tag – has used the same heating coil technology invented in the 1800s – until now. The smart toasters touchscreen is the key to all of the functionality to the toaster. The Revolution Toaster R180 Lets You Use a Touchscreen to Make Toast There is a reason why the company behind the R180 toaster is called Revolution – they have taken serious steps to reimagine what a toaster can do, and they have been quite successful doing just that. Digital touchscreen display toaster. Electric toasters are far more sophisticated these days, and at Currys PC World we have a wide range of options to choose from, incorporating both great functionality and style. 2.8k. Sure, it seems a bit absurd to have a smart toaster with a touchscreen, but it's actually got a ton of really cool an useful features. If toaster pastries are your thing, the Revolution will make the best Pop-Tarts you have ever had. The device currently retails for $299.95 on Amazon, pick it up today, and treat yourself to the best-toasted bread of your life. Want to heat up some garlic bread for your pasta dinner? The toaster in question is the $300 Revolution R180. I was amazed by revolution 180 toaster. Refrigerators, countertop ovens, microwaves and even multicookers all adopted touchscreen displays in the wake of the birth of the smart home. Sure, it seems a bit absurd to have a smart toaster with a touchscreen, but it's actually got a ton of really cool an useful features. You can start in the settings where you can set the brightness of the screen, the volume of the speaker, the sizes of your bagels, and the clock settings that get displayed when your toaster is idle. The toaster revolution is here, whether you want it to come or not, the time to update your toaster to the cloud has arrived. In true CNET fashion, I sacrificed my ever-recurring oath to start a diet tomorrow and toasted bread, bagels, English muffins, waffles and toaster pastries to find out if this thing is as good as it looks.. Finally, you can select your desired toasting level between 7 different browning levels, from barely toasted, to pretty much burnt. Sure it seems a bit absurd to have a smart toaster with a touchscreen but its actually got a ton of really cool an useful features. So what can this magic toaster do? The R180 weighs 7.89 pounds, can easily fit on any tabletop, and is small enough to be reasonably portable.

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