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A self heating food container as claimed in Claim 5, wherein said liquid impermeable membrane is plastics coated on one or both sides. Other amazing winter ingredients are methi, mooli (radish) and rajma. There isn’t much to say about Gulmarg that hasn’t already been said. Instantaneous heat generation. This paper investigates the self-heating ignition behavior of pouch Li-ion battery cells under a hot boundary condition through a classical hot-plate self-ignition test apparatus. Head out on a Saturday, carry a packed lunch and revisit your city. So this winter, don’t wait, plan a series of activities to keep your winter glamorous, warm… and healthy! They can be heated in many ways – by pressing a button on the packaging, unwrapping and shaking the pack, or pouring the contents Those of you who are artistically minded, this is your opportunity to sketch, photograph, and just generally let your talent flow. After 1950’s when the sites of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedranath and Badrinath slowly became more popular as pilgrimage destinations, they were known as Chota Char Dham (Smaller Char Dham). And 2. If you are the type of Barocook Pouch COOK A MEAL ANYTIME ANYWHERE (MRE) Barocook flameless system, revolutionary cookware suits anyone like traveler camper or outdoor enthusiasts. cool places to visit on the planet! What’ll really help this winter is of course- WARMEE.  Slip in  WARMEE in the folds of your kid’s clothes where they feel cold and uncomfortable – chest, torso, gloves and socks. All in all, Dharamsala is a great holiday destination. We flee to well known ‘Hill Station’ destinations in summer to escape the heat, but have you ever considered visiting these places in winter? The cold wind blowing in through the windows, the smell of tandoori food wafting in from the kitchen and some soft lighting and music can do wonders to glam up your boring winter evenings. Some of the things you can do in Gulmarg include Gondola rides, Pony rides, Hiking, Skiiing, Trekking, and Photography in the Himalayas. 1. Within 12 minutes of steaming, your Asian rice dish is ready for your enjoyment. Whatever the season of your visit, Dharamsala has something for everyone. Ride out at all hours of the day or night to make some fun adventurous memories! Visit with family, friends or even solo – for a rewarding and lively holiday. Action Pack Kits contain a main meal, spoon and the self-heating pouch (approximately 400 calories). Conceptualized and Established in 2001 by a team of chemical engineers from India’s foremost engineering Institutes, with more than 15 years of domain experience, Mumbai based Pantheon PharmChem has been in the manufacturing Industry for over a decade. How many Delhiites have visited ParatheWaliGali, or PuranaQila? is a comprehensive website that can help you plan a trip there. This season, pack your bags and head to the cultural melting pot that is Dharamsala. Over the years, McLeod Ganj has evolved into an interesting melting pot of Tibetan Government authorities, refugees, visitors from all over the world and locals. The minimum boundary temperature to trigger the 2.1 ]. It has become a center for Tibetan studies, and there are many museums and organizations that showcase the Tibetan culture here. You can get grips for your handlebars that are heated so your hands don’t get so cold. Imagine an evening of chat, laughter and great heaps of warming food with your friends. They’ll come back happy and smiling, with red noses and chapped lips. At around 300 Kms from Dehradun, rough weather and landslides make the road a little risky in winters, and you face the serious possibility of being stormed in for days. When the contents of the water pouch are poured over the heater pad, the Food Heater releases enough heat to warm-up a pre-cooked meal 100 degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 10 minutes. Warmee can help you stay warm when you workout outdoors, and exercising has the additional benefit of staving off those winter colds and flu’s. Packets can also be self-cooling. 6. This winter, consider visiting these unconventional (mostly) and snow-y destinations for a great holiday. Wait 10-12 minutes and you've got yourself a hot meal. Your child needs plenty of warm, hearty foods to keep them healthy and happy this winter. Here’s an interesting fact, did you know that the Chardham Pilgrimage (which literally means the Four Seats Pilgrimage) originally referred to 4 pilgrimage sites across India – Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameshwaram? A self-heating, self-hydrating pouch to simultaneously heat and hydrate a prepackaged, partially or completely dehydrated food or beverage product that is stored in the pouch. Winter tends to be a season of lazing around and staying under blankets, But the best immunity comes from a lot of exercise. About 0% of these are Cosmetic Bags & Cases. If you want to eat interesting cuisines – McLeod Ganj in particular offers Tibetan, Israeli and German cuisine, not to mention the local Indian food of the hills. Don’t forget to keep Warmee handy for all the kids to snuggle down with, when it’s past their bedtime! Go get started on a wide selection and variety immediately! WARMEE RECOMMENDS: Lambasingi isn’t a developed tourist spot yet, so don’t look for plenty of stay options and a guidebook of things to do there. Alaska is very tourist friendly, extremely well connected and has tons to do. The natural and safe warmth of WARMEE will guarantee that your child is toasty and warm throughout the day! Once numb, it’s very hard to use the clutch and brakes with any accuracy, so the grips are a blessing.However, heated grips aren’t available everywhere, so you have to hunt around online for a bit; and they still don’t do anything for your feet! Be a little adventurous this winter and head out of your city on a Friday night with a thermos of coffee and friend. 3. The cold gets biting at times, and your hands and feet do tend to freeze when on a motorcycle, even through your protective gloves! Self-heating I followed the package directions for heating, thus adding 3-5 ounces of “any liquid” – tap water in my case. In winter, have your kids look great and feel warm by mixing and matching layers of clothes to stay insulated. Conquer the cold, the damp, the mist and the fog. Next, move on to the Yamunotri Dham, or the seat of river Yamuna. However, the weather can be extremely changeable and treacherous, so prepare for this trip in detail. This pouch often contains salt water and an aluminumwafer and has a pull-string or pull tab. At such Jyotirlinga temples, Lord Shiva appears as a column of light to his followers. When you visit Gangotri, try taking a dip in the purest part of the river Ganga, as a means to purify yourself. There are only two rules to dressing right in the winter. There are Char Dham tours available from most major tour operators. For cricket fans, there’s an international level stadium in Dharamsala. Essentially, Dharamsala is divided into two distinct areas – Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj. Newspaper: You’ve probably heard it before, but have you tried it? Winter is on its way, and while some of you may actually enjoy winters here in India, for the rest of you, our natural inclination is to turn into hermits. Image courtesy: Drive out of the city for some great driving experiences, middle of the night moon and star gazing, and some 2 AM fog! There’s something for everyone in Iceland – a bustling cultural scene with plenty of festivals, an abundance of natural beauty – waterfalls, geysers, hot springs and volcanoes – and outdoor activities and some very unique fauna and flora. Any motorcycle tourer worth his (or her) salt knows that this is the perfect season for those lovely, lazy long rides. All clothing stores that sell kids clothes will stock warm winter wear right about now, so what are you waiting for? Its called the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium or HPCA Stadium. The Dharamsala cricket stadium is home to Himachal Pradesh cricket team for Ranji Trophy matches and other limited overs matches. Dog sledding, a popular activity in Greenland, isn’t that easy to come by in other places either. Try not to travel to Char Dham during the rains as there is a real risk of landslides and roads de-stabilizing. Visit Greenland for a variety of ‘not to be found elsewhere’ kind of experiences. Email us at and tell us! Nathula is at the border of India and China and sees snow the year around. Whale watching is one of the most popular things for tourists to do in Alaska, but the real treasure they have is their abundance of natural beauty. The Norblingka Institute which is dedicated to preserving Tibetan arts and culture is another place you must visit in McLeod Ganj. Plan a visit there to see a place of historic importance as it used to be one of the key passes along the Silk Route. If you live in a place where winters are mild, don’t worry, you can still experience the best of winter by just taking short drives! Flash floods like the one that hit this very area in 2013 are also a real possibility, so don’t discount it. To think that Chandigarh is all about town planning is to miss the point entirely. Ye… In fact, in a recent metamorphosis, Chandigarh has, over the last few years, woken up to the beauty of Sufi music and promotes it actively, with plenty of Sufi music bands featuring in the city’s nightlife! You put the food bag into the heating pouch, mix in the water, then seal the whole rig back into the box. The next time you ride in the cold, wrap some sheets of newspaper around your torso before putting on your protective jackets. However, on a motorbike, its your extremities and places like your neck and chin that are exposed to the cold. Image courtesy: The report provides valuable insights, which will enable readers to make winning … Omeals Self-Heating Portable Meals, Italian 6-Pack - Includes 2 Cheese Pizza, 2 Chicken Pasta Parmesan and 2 Spaghetti with Beef & Sauce 4.0 out of 5 stars 44 $54.99 $ 54. A wide variety of self heating food pouch bag options are available to you, such as zipper & hasp, hook&loop, and string. Even if you don’t want to do anything so adventurous, the Himalayan Natural Park is worth a visit. 5 Ways to Glam Up Those Boring Winter Evenings! offers 1,594 self heating pouch bag products. For travellers, trekkers, backpackers and riders who are planning trips in North India, our advice is to take the time off to visit Chandigarh, since you’ll certainly pass through it! 2. A small village near Vishakapatnam (or Vizag, as it’s more commonly called), Lambasingi, even though its in Andhra, enjoys sub 10 degree temperatures throughout the year and sometimes even experiences snowfall in the otherwise hot state. Auli is one of India’s top skiing destinations and its slopes are challenging even for professional skiers. Yamunotri Dham is a unique temple because here, the altitude and topography conspire to make parts of the river alternatively hot and cold. Skip Dehradun and head straight to Auli from Jolly Grant airport this winter for some really cool Ski thrills. The fenced Indo China border is usually covered over by snow, but its not hard to imagine the route as it used to be in the yesteryears when trading towns existed on either side of the border and it was a bustling place. The pouch reacts with the water, resulting in a fascinating exothermic reaction, heating the food in the compartment above. If visiting in summer, the weather is much more pleasant, though summer showers can occur, cooling off the hills considerably. From Indian holidays to international ones – check out our new list of really (and we mean really!) There are plenty of resources online that can help you plan a trip to Alaksa. Think about it – they travel in school buses, socialize with friends through the day and play outside in the evenings in the cold ! Riding warm and toasty is certain to make your ride more fun and memorable. To watch the northern lights is a fantastic experience and one you’ll never forget. It’s fine at 2 pm to be on a long loopy highway because the blazing Sun does something to bring down the effects of the chill wind you’re riding against. You’d do well to wrap up warmly and sensibly, and carry along some Warmee to keep you active on those cold winter evenings. Aurora Borealis is the phenomenon of northern lights that occurs all along a certain latitude in the Arctic Circle. Cold water diving in Sisimuit is one of these, where you can view dive for a stunning view of icebergs and shipwrecks. Experience and learn more about WARMEE at, #Warmee #StayWarm #WarmeeMoms #WarmeeAdventure #WarmeeMoto. However, riding in the winter can be uncomfortable in more ways than one. Protect yourself by wearing a balaclava, and then wrapping a warm scarf in a double loop around your neck. Dec 17, 2012 - Self-heating/self-cooling stand-up pouch from ScaldoPack. In this report, growth opportunities for the self-heating food packaging market are analyzed. Keep the body extremities warm – noses, ears, top of the head, fingers and toes. Try and do this in groups, not only is it safer, it’s also a lot more fun. Wherever you go, bring this cookware, enjoy a hot meal. Winter is here and you’ve probably already started using the warm clothes that you stored away in March. It’s a wonderful experience when you build a bonfire in the middle of the silence and fog, crack open some hot drinks and start a merry story and antakshari  session! Kufri’s slopes are snow clad in winter, making for an enchanting destination. Options are to travel by sea and air, but they’re likely to burn a hole in your wallet, so be warned. You can also access all these temples from the major tourist towns of Hrishikesh and Haridwar. Between October and March the winter weather can be freezing, and temperatures sometimes drop into the minus degrees. With a manufacturing and R&D facility at Tarapur, Pantheon PharmChem focuses on continuous innovation and R&D. It is from here the actual journey amidst beautiful lush greenery, valleys and rivers starts. WARMEE RECOMMENDS: Plan your trip in Gulmarg with plenty of time in hand, and don’t forget to carry a good quality camera! Whip up some tasty dishes this winter and serve them piping hot at the dining table. With new advanced technology from Tempra, consumers can enjoy hot, hand-held food and beverages. How Do Self Heating Meals Work? If you haven’t yet been to Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, it is time to go now! Remember to stay warm – wrap up well and carry along a few pouches of Warmee for those twilight evenings! So here’s how to stay warm while riding in the winter this year. Your biggest problem with Antarctica is likely to be the logistical problem of getting there and back. In fact nowadays, the Government of Uttarakhand kicks off the Char Dham Yatra to these 4 sites, traditionally in a particular order, in the month of June every year! Visit only if you’re ready to rough it a little, and to keep yourself warm, throw in a few pouches of Warmee before you leave home. Please contact us if you have any questions or require detailed information. The state runs over 15 national parks within its boundaries and you can visit any of them to see grizzly bears, moose and a number of other animals and marine mammals. Little known to outsiders, a monument called “The Open Hand” exists in Chandigarh, and it is of immense significance. This complex is a must visit, and the Tibetan Museum (that showcases the history of Tibet) is a mesmerizing experience. Ration-X ® self-heating field ration is a complete, ready-to-eat, self-heating meal plus snacks, dessert and powdered drink providing 1300 calories.

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