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We live in a world that hardly knows anything about rest and leisure. Golding relates his discovery of three grades of thinking, and dramatizes their relationships by rearranging his headmaster's statuettes. Regrettably, their thinking is not always correct, positive and brings well-being to all mankind. I can’t imagine investing this quite a bit of time on anything else“. The pure, effortless beauty that is portrayed by the nearly naked woman in a bath towel shows that beauty is so insanely important to the world in which we live. Finally, it's hard to free from vulgarity. ", is a question pondered by many. Golding enjoys observing and analyzing people’s reactions and the way they communicate their feelings and thoughts to others. Example – 2: “Playing cricket and tennis is my favorite hobby, and I love playing sports. We should leave room for such noble thinking, because this first-level thinking is the hope of mankind itself. 戈尔丁在《将思考作为一种嗜好》一文中,提出了三种等级的思考,对应了三个雕像的三次摆放位置,以及他人生的三个时期。, 在文章结尾,戈尔丁重新安排了雕像的位置:思考者背后的美洲豹,寓意潜藏在人性中的恶与兽性,有可能随时扑跳出来,而思考者的前方是阴影和未知。那沉浸在绝望中的思考者,不能不说是作者昏暗的乐观主义的表达。, 做第一等级的思考者,是困难的。当第一等级的思考者问出“什么是真理”的时候,他们会着手去发现真理。, 但是,成为第一等级思考者,是否会有变得愤世嫉俗、好怀疑的可能性?变得如此极端是一件好事吗?会不会具有一定的危险性?我们如何去避免这样一种极端思考(extreme thinking),或者教条、顽固的思想状态(dogma or stubborn mentality)?, 我认为,对于这个问题,首先应当形成共识的是:任何一个旨趣高级的思考,有价值的思考,是具有一定批判性的,是对当前思考范式的改良、修正、补充。正是批判性,使得我们的思考更独立、更有推动世界向前发展的潜在意义。, 布鲁诺传说因支持日心说甘愿被教会烧死,纳粹能鼓动德意志青年进而发动二战,他们都有自己的思考,并做到了“set out to find it.”, 第一等级的思考者,一定有将自己的思考付诸现实检验的勃勃雄心。而令人遗憾的是,他们的思考,并不一定总是正确的、正向的、为全体人类带来福祉的。, 弗洛伊德的女儿安娜,在 1936 年的《自我与防卫机制》一书,论述了 15 种自我防御机制,目的在于防止自我因挫折冲突引起焦虑的压力。其中,升华,是最积极的富有建设性的防御机制,可以把某些冲动和欲望通过某种高尚的行为,转变为社会所接受的东西。, 戈尔丁亲历二战,在他的感受中,世界是荒诞的、可怖的、令人痛苦和绝望的。这是一个不可理喻的世界。他对人类天生的野蛮与文明理性间的斗争深有感触,因而写下《蝇王》,彻底揭示“人性恶”的主题。, 除了通过某种方法,去避免极端思考带来的负面危害,最根本的“风控”,在我看来,是要在我们的基础教育中,给每一个人,建构“希望”。, 这不是出于“性善论”的考虑,而是出于对人类的关怀,即使在最黑暗最丑恶最无望的时空当中,也应当怀有“希望”的信仰。因为在“希望”的框架下,任何“失望”、“绝望”的思考,都将是暂时的,都将是积极的。你看灰暗如戈尔丁,也还写出了《蝇王》不是?, 能将思考作为一种嗜好,是人之为人的独特性。我们应当为这种高贵的思考力留出空间,因为这种第一等级的思考,本身就是人类的希望。, 最后,不能免俗,用《肖申克的救赎》的一句话收尾:万物之中,希望最美;最美之物,永不凋零。. Try each and then combine them to find your favorite approach. Thinking As A Hobby "How does one think ? I must have been an unsatisfactory child for grownups to deal with. How about receiving a customized one? Why? Published July 12th, 2017. After reading “Thinking as a Hobby”, it was apparent that the three statuettes were all very symbolic in their own unique way. Bruno was willing to be burned by the church because of his support for the "heliocentric theory". The most complicated functions that humans perform, such as thinking creatively, learning a language, or playing or listening to music, all require whole-brain thinking. When the first-level thinkers ask "what is truth", they set out to find it. The Thinker also represents man’s incessant quest for knowledge. You see Golding is so grey, but he also wrote Lord of the Flies, isn't he? In my opinions, the author has greatly explains the grade one people. This listing is for a Harman Kardon Citation II tube power amp that has been reconditioned by an electronics engineer and astronaut. Purdue owl dissertation citation. The first being the crouching Leopard ,the crouching position refers to natural thinking , aggressiveness and most likely are ready to pounce at any moment. My book reading hobby has made me increment logical thinking and broad-mindedness. Learn more about our special offer today. When classifying these people, he puts them into "grades" according to their thinking style. Now here is an example of a hobby essay that will help you to create your own. Which caused him to see the three grades of thinking. All rights reserved, Thinking as a Hobby.. (2017, Dec 24). EmpireOne offers a wide array of contact center services that are customizable, scalable and flexible. It is difficult to be a first-class thinker. Thinking as a hobby. In his essay “Thinking as a Hobby,” William Golding describes his discovery of three “grades” of thinking while at public school in England. It is critical that makes our thinking more independent and potentially meaningful to push the world forward. Such a force is no less than nuclear weapons. So if you haven’t got a hobby yet, or are considering taking one up, start now and increase your brain power. How To Write Your Author Bio. Some private individuals, although hosting websites as a hobby, are experts in their fields and consider accuracy on their sites to be the highest priority. Would it be dangerous? Because under the framework of "hope", any thinking of "disappointment" and "despair" will be temporary and positive. The first-level thinkers are ambitious to put their thinking into reality. You know, you can't just suppress smart people. He found that hobbies that involved visual thinking (imagining), learning from doing rather than just thinking, and art and music were particularly advantageous. Discussion and Analysis "Thinking as a hobby" by William Golding is a narrative essay which describes three levels of thinking through the stories of attempts to communicate with several people and it reaches some conclusions about their own patterns of thought and of human nature.

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