what is maintainable code

There's a highly upvoted question about discerning maintainable code from unmaintainable code: How would you know if you've written readable and easily maintainable code?. This isn't as easy as it sounds, and you'll have to use all of the other techniques mentioned here to do it. In this post we’ll highlight why this is a very relevant question to be asking, and why companies like KPMG (who build many low-code applications and happen to be “OutSystems 2018 Partner of the Year”) take this seriously. It is important to write program. Speed vs. Quality Here are the principles that helped me with this: Don't over-generalize. Would somebody else? Back when I was a Java dev, judiciously following the SOLID principles was a vital part of keeping code maintainable. For every line of code written, a maintenance cost is incurred — the cost of supporting that code into the future. As I see it, the fundamental rule in writing maintainable code is that your code should be very easy to understand. What does maintainable mean? Code Complete by Steve McConnell – Again, I’ve mentioned this book a few times already, but it’s another great book about writing good, maintainable code. The most maintainable line of code is the one which you don't write. Writing Maintainable Code: SOLID Principles Explained in PHP (Laravel) Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner - the only solution that delivers automatic verification of vulnerabilities with Proof-Based Scanning™. 2. This begs the question, what is maintainable code when we’re talking about a low-code platform? Maintainable code is properly structured down to the class level — it’s not just a matter of throwing a bunch of spaghetti into the “spaghetti layer” and calling the result maintainable. Maintainable code is code that is organized so that it is easy to find and fix errors and improve performance. * a class should have only a single responsibility I think that it is maintainable if the most part of the persons familiar with the code base manage find it easy to work with the code base. Writing maintainable code is not hard, it just requires careful thought. Hi. code that is easy to read and maintain so that extra features can be added later on. You’ll find this book goes into some of the low-level, structural details of writing good, readable code. How to write maintainable code? This cost may be explicit — such as a flaky third party provider that causes on-callers to be paged. Or, implicit — a confusingly written system with few tests. Would you be able to make changes without breaking it? I've been writing code for over 20 years now, and although I've been doing more management lately, at my peak I was able to write 500+ lines of well-performing code a day. Usually the notion of adding features (extensibility or enhancement) is included in the idea of software maintenance as well. Maintainable is a value that can only be applied by someone who is familiar with the codebase. Writing maintainable code. Remember the cardinal virtues: Laziness Impatience Hubris. The key recommendation that I have is to Keep it Simple — most of the others flow from there, such as short functions, single responsibilities, well chosen names and doing things Once and Only Once. They're still as true today as they ever were. Maintainability is basically: Would you be able to go back to this code in a couple of years, and understand what it did?

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